prose for the child that was

I know you feel afraid sometimes. We all do.
I know that there is this thing inside you that want to protect because you don’t ever want it to hurt again or suffer or feel so vulnerable that something could come along to hurt you and in one swoop, this would punish you beyond repair.

Little kids are afraid of the dark. I have heard of children that shut the lightswitch in their bedroom and then they run to bed and try to get underneath the covers before the lights go out. I used to do this too.

I’m not sure if this fear ever goes away. It’s there, in the mind, still afraid like that little child we used to be, frightened, and moving fast to be someplace else before the light go out.

If there were a thousand things I could take away from our life, I would take away fear and all the memories it has left behind, yet still, if I could only take away a thousand things, I wonder; would it be enough?

You and your yesterdays, your nightmares and your memories, your dreams that were taken, and the life you endured are all gone now. You can come out if you want to. You don’t have to be afraid anymore.  Your yesterday is gone and there’s no one around to hurt you anymore.

Imagine you this way:
Young, childlike, and able to smile without consequence and with nothing to be afraid of.
Imagine you as a child without the fear and able to play without being punished. There’s no one around to bully you; no one around to take you away or beat you.

Imagine, if you could, you as a young child, free to be exactly as you are, a child, amazing and beautiful.

You can come out now if you want to . . .
Yesterday is gone and no one is around to hurt you anymore.

At least, not on my watch.
So help me God


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