From Sessions: Love

When there is nothing left to surprise us,
and when there is nothing new to common life,
and there is nothing more than our routine,
which we keep intact for routine’s sake,
we have to hold onto the things that excite us.

We have to cling to the things that hold a place in out heart,
which drives us to feel young again,
like kids running across town from the Eastside to the West,
or like a couple sitting on the shoreline
Say like, somewhere along the Amalfi Coast
when the sun begins to set


When the sunlight falls and moonlight begins,
just moments before the dreams take place;
when the side of your face caresses the pillow,
your body curls beneath the covers,
close your eyes and breathe with me.

Breathe with me until the sun comes up again.
Feel with me. Live with me.

Take hold of my hand and visit the world with me
and together, we can find ourselves in either Spain
or Monte Carlo.
We can find ourselves somewhere near the beaches in Baja.
Or maybe Argentina. I have always wanted to go there.
I have always wondered what the waters
looked like in Australia or maybe Fiji . . .
Yes, Fiji would be nice.

When there is nothing left to surprise us,
and when there is nothing but
the humdrum of daily life,
and there is nothing else but the job, the hustle,
and nothing else but the grind that comes with living
and paying into a plan, like say, a 401K or our retirement;
I say we hold onto these dreams and memories we share
and keep them close to our hearts.

I have never seen the sun go down over Napoli.
I have never watched the sunrise in Sardinia.
In my mind, however, I have envisioned these places
(me with you)
and then I smile because with you
nothing in the world
will ever ordinary to me.


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