First Day On The Beach

Here I am now (but of course, you already knew this)
I am far away from you, my life, and the rest of my comfort zone. I am here, clear across the country, in which, let’s face it, I am farther away than I have ever been before.

I am facing the Pacific and looking through glass doors, which fold open like an accordion. The double sliders are open as well and the breeze is moving through nicely.
I can smell the ocean, which always brings me a sense of peace. I can see a navy ship heading into port off the coast of San Diego now. I tell you this is so surreal to me and nearly too beautiful for words.
There is a pier to my left and a rock pile to my right. In fact, I watched the sun come up this morning. There was a woman sitting crossed-legged on the rock piles with her hands on her knees, palms facing upwards with pointer finger to thumb, head slightly tilted back to face upwards to the heavens. She was meditating and improving her conscious contact with God.
This place is truly spiritual . . .
I’m blessed, which is why I needed to share this with you.

I wish Mom was here to see this. I wish The Old Man was here too. They would like this place. They would like what I’m doing here. I think they would enjoy the plans in store for the future.
But there I go, thinking too far ahead. For now, let me just rest here (with you) for the moment.

God, I love you.
Just thought you should know that . . .
I am overwhelmed and yet excited. I am nervous, but yet, I can’t wait to start. This is a real stage here. This is the real thing. All of what I’ve been working on has led me up to the here and now, but dig it, you’re not here to see the here and now, so this is why I’m trying to fill you in.

I have to keep this thought short but there is so much more I need to tell you, as in, what the air smells like in the morning or how the waves sound when the crash onto shore.

I want to tell you what it feels like to place my feet in the San Diego sand, to turn around, and to see this thing I’m becoming more acquainted with.

I want you to know something:
All of this is new to me. Yet, at the same time, all of this is what I’ve been working for and although you are not physically here to see this, you are with me.
I know this.
So do you (I hope)
Either way, I know it.
I know it the same way I know there is breath in my lungs, blood in my veins and love in my heart

For you . . .

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