A Brief Public Service Announcement

Hold on to your own enthusiasm folks because rest assured, not everyone shares the same thing and not everyone is interested. There are all types of different people out there. Believe me on this one.

Not all people are good but not all are bad either. If I’m being honest, the objective here is plain and simple. Consider life like an experiment in chemistry class back when we were kids. Think about the mixture of two different chemicals. Some mix well. Some change color. Some bubble over and some are explosive and volatile.

There are people that will make you think and feel. This is a good thing. There are people that will push you to do more and be more. There are people that will believe in you and love you and people that you will mix with and match perfectly. There will be people that you see and because of your love for them, somehow, you change color. Your skin is flushed. Your eyes widen and your smile brightens. There will be people you might know who somehow instinctively know how to interact. They understand. They get it and this above all is one of the best mixtures one could find to match their personal life.

There will be people we meet that cause us to bubble over. There will be people we meet that cause an adverse reaction.
Put simply, just like some chemicals are not meant to be together; the same can be said for people. They just don’t mix. There is no rhyme or reason. There is no blame. There is just a mismatch in chemistry.

I introduced this idea by explaining that we need to hold on to our own enthusiasm because rest assured, not everyone will mix well with this. Keep in mind, a smile is an insult to the unhappy. Be advised, not everyone will celebrate in your victories nor will they care.

There will be people that look to take away your smile like this is their job. Your happiness and your success is a threat to them because everything about you is a contradiction to them. They will do this publicly, underhandedly and often secretly. But that’s fine because nothing of yours can ever be stolen; it can only be given away. So never let anyone steal your smile.

I go back to Fulghum’s book and the lessons I learned from him a long time ago. See, everything we really need to know is very simple. Fulghum discusses this in his book “All I Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten.”

We tend to overthink things. We tend to complicate things a bit too much. We forget the simple rules of engagement.
And I take it back to the schoolyard or what Mom’s used to scream out to a group of kids when playing in the yard.
“Play fair!” is what comes to mind. Truth be told, not everyone plays fair. I remember a kindergarten teacher telling a child, “We don’t have to play with people that won’t play fair with us.”

I think of kids crying out, “Mom, Jimmy hit me.” And Mom says, “Jimmy, stop hitting your sister,” which follows with a move of separation.

Not everyone is meant to play together . . .
Not everyone plays fair either but that’s okay because we do reserve the right to distinguish who we play with in the first place. We don’t have to share ourselves with everyone. Instead, we should be happy that at least we have someone to share ourselves with. Many people do not have this luxury.

There will always be rivalry. There will always be animosity. But there will also be people that co-exist perfectly.
So ask yourself: Which kind of people makes sense for you to spend time with?

There are going to be people in your life that you will meet and they will put wind in your sails and a smile on your face.
They will allow you to forget all the nonsense and they are the ones who will share your enthusiasm. Others will not be the same.

So then what kind of people do you want in your life:
One that shares enthusiasm? Or one that looks to drain it and take it away like it was their job?

Me, I want people in my life that honor the one simplest rule shouted out by Moms across the world,
“Play fair!”

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