Veteran’s Day, November 11, 2019

Dear America,

I am not sure what today means to you anymore. I am not saying today is not important to you, because I know it is. What I means is I am not sure what we’ve done here.

I have seen you go through changes throughout my years but I have never seen you as you are now. We are more divided now than ever before and yet, in our pledge of allegiance, we pledge to be indivisible, but yet, America, here we are divided as ever and arguing about (literally) everything.

However today is the day we honor those who have served to protect you. America, I have been fortunate to know some of those who’ve served you.
I am blessed to say that I have done my share to send my respects and show my appreciation. Since I never had the chance to serve you at the front lines, I realize it is my responsibility to give my support from the back.

I think of my friend Erik and how he never made it back from the Middle East. He used to ask me about you.
Erik used to ask me to write letters and tell him what you look like in my neighborhood, which, I did of course.
I wrote my friend about the Korean War monument and the little pond we have in a place called Eisenhower Park.
I used to fish in that pond when I was a small boy. I would catch hundreds of little sunfish and sometimes catfish. I remember the blue sky days and the Flag which flew high from a nearby location.

This is you. This is your earth and the ground we live on. You are a spirit to me. You are the texture of the red, white, and blue. You are perfect but us; we are imperfect and too busy arguing between the left side and the right side to realize that what we have is you, above all, the land of the free because of the brave.

I love you with all of my heart. I am sorry that I never had what it took to serve you properly or more actively than I do now. You are a banner to me. You are a statement. You are a dream worth defending.
I have been told, Love it or leave it. But I do love you, America; therefore I will never leave you.

Today, I bow my head for the moment. I stop here to offer my prayer to one and all. But more, America, I offer my prayers to those who’ve served you and served you well, in the face of battle, through strife, during the hardest times and in the roughest of battles.
America, I pray for them as I pray for us all that we can someday find the middle ground and therefore, live in peace and harmony, regardless to whichever side, the left of the right, color of skin, or choice of belief.

I swear sometimes I think it is inevitable that the world is going to go down. I hope not, but still, I am not sure where we stand right now.
I am not sure if those who have fought look upon you now in all certainty and believe this is what they fought for. I’m not sure why we fight at all, but yet, one thing I am grateful for is that there are those among you brave enough to fight with all they have.


I love you.

Blessed Father, watch over those who watch over us. Bring them home safely to their families. Bless them for the rest of their days. I ask that you honor them as heroes because they are all, each and individually heroic; every single one of them.
Although we are lost at times and possibly at unrest, guide us to where we can live to reach the standard of which this country was intended to be, “From the mountains to the prairies, to the oceans white with foam.”
Bless us so that we understand your spacious skies, your amber waves, your purple mountains, and your fruited plains, from sea to shining sea.

To those who served;
I offer you this, —I have not come here to enter my opinion nor plea, nor is is this a welcomed forum for political opinions or plea. I do not come here to speak of politics but more, I have come to offer you this, my most sincere appreciation because if not for you and yours who served; I would not have what I have now

God Bless You

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