Time To Play The Game

I see you know. You are young and everything is new. You are on the verge of a new chapter, which is great.
In fact now, these days are the best days. You and I are living in amazing times. No, really. It’s the truth.
This is the beginning. This is where you make your start. This is where you get ready to make your mark on the world. We go back to the old saying, “Today is the first day of the rest of your life!” because it is, regardless to how old you are.

I want to be helpful to you. But the best way to be helpful is to be honest.
This is life.
There will be good times and bad. There will be disappointments and letdowns but there will be moments that are so astounding, no words I can write will match how amazing you will feel.
There is a word for this. it’s called “Victory.”
It’s a feeling known as “Victorious,” and you will have this; perhaps not in your time or in your perfect ways, but this will be here for you.

The truth of the matter is life is filled with competition. You will compete in business. You will compete for a position. You will encounter losses. You will make mistakes and you will learn. Either way, do not be afraid to compete. Do not be afraid to try.

There will be times when the odds are stacked against you. There will be times when you find yourself in the position of the underdog. But do not allow this to deter you because the underdog is unbeatable. the underdog does not quit or shy away. The underdog is heroic, even in loss, the underdog is always victorious because the underdog understands the meaning of endurance and the victories of continuance.

If you miss the mark, then good, look at what happened. See where you missed. Do not take this personally.
Do not internalize this. Instead, learn from the times you missed so you can figure out how to sharpen your aim and shoot again.
Forget about right or wrong. Think along the lines of good, better, and best.

“Did you give it a shot?”
“Good! Did it work out the way you wanted?
“Great, then what can we do to create something better?
We keep going this way until we reach out best. This is the way life works; otherwise, we tend to sink and submerge into our own doubt and self-pity, also known as depression. We have to fight this. We have to fight this like a disease!

You are new to the game. Or, maybe you just switched from one sport to another. I get that. I’m in the middle of something new as well.
And yes this all just a game.  So play it well. Keep things in perspective. Keep free of the mental tangles; also known as overthinking and over analyzing. And know this:
Know that you are fully equipped with everything you need to be successful. Know that you will have to work for what you want.
Nothing worthwhile comes easy.
Besides, even if something worthwhile comes easily (or quickly,) be sure to understand that all things require care.
Nothing of true value to us is maintenance free. Everything needs maintenance —especially us, especially our body, our life, and our dreams. Everything takes effort and everything important to us deserves our attention; else, we run the risk of losing them or allowing their luster to fade away.

Know this:
Life will not always meet us halfway.
Know that sometimes, things happen without making sense. People will say or do mean things. There will be those around that look to keep us down (almost like it’s their job) because God forbid we reach our goals or achieve something they can’t or said “We” couldn’t do.

Know that not every smile is friendly and not every snarl is threatening.
Know that there will be those who oppose. There will be those that give their looks of disapproval. There will be those that growl and they snarl. But don’t worry. This is what they do. Don’t pay attention to this but instead, be more mindful of their smiles because then you know they have something planned. Something is in the mail and the reason why is because “You” decided to rise above instead of stoop to their level and engage.

I want to be clear with you the same way I wish someone was clear with me. I know there are times when you believe you are “Different.”
I say this is good. In fact, this is better than good. I think the fact that you are different is a blessing.
I wholeheartedly believe that your difference is a sign of your excellence. This is you and no one else could ever be you.
No one can impersonate you. No one can ever take what “You” do and accurately make it “Theirs.”
Sure, people can steal things. They can steal your ideas and the materialistic, but they cannot steal you. Ever!

And as for the slanderer, I have this to offer:
The reason why they slander is because (like I said) this is a game. Life is a game and because some people can’t play it straight, they cheat to win.
But this is them. This is not you.

Stay away from the gossip mills and the rumor factories. Be mindful what the gears from the gossip mills do to the people and how the rumor factories destroy names just for namesake.
Be mindful not to be part of this because someday, it might be you that finds yourself stuck in the gears and churned out like front page news, which will cause sneers and laughter behind your back.

I want to be honest with you. Life is not a simple thing. You will love. You will hurt. You will see things that no person should ever have to see. You will experience pain and loss and yes, there will always be a reason to quit—just be sure not to allow this to break you down. Just be sure that you have everything you need to stand when you fall. So if you fall, regain your composure, regardless to the pain, and stand tall because no one can ever take this away from you (unless you let them.)

You are literally the most important person in the world. Everything you do has an effect on the next thing you do.
Life moves in conjunction; we are a combination of so many things. We are the sum of countless integral moving parts. We are more than just heart and lungs. We are a connection from one junction to the next. We are all moving pieces in the world. so move well. Move freely, and should you choose to stop moving; do so because you want to look back at the world you’ve created for yourself and say. “Yes. I did that!”

So be mindful. Be accountable.
Be motivated. Be inspired.
Be encouraged. Don be afraid.
Be empowered.
Be proud of who you are
But above all things, be you because you are absolutely perfect.

Nothing about you could ever be duplicated or replicated.
No one will ever have your voice. Even if someone else shares your dream; it doesn’t mean they will share your desire to achieve it.

Know your worth. Know how valuable you are.
Understand the worthiness of your time and attention and share this wisely with people that deserve it.
Know that relationships are the same as any other investment. More importantly, understand the sunk cost fallacy, in which case, sometimes we fall to the misconception that investing more will lead to a return.
Sometimes we over invest. Sometimes pride gets in the way. Sometimes we just don’t want to lose. Sometimes we pin everything to the ideas of winning or losing, and because of this, we invest more just so we don’t come up short—but in the end, we face bankruptcy. Worst off, we face emotional bankruptcy and wonder why we never got out when we noticed the warning signs and had the chance.

Know that this is common. Know that we need love. We are social creatures. Know that not everything is a match and not everything works out.
Understand what it means to reach the point of diminishing returns and that when we invest in people; we deserve a mutual benefit and reciprocal return.
Know that feeding a one-sided relationship can be draining and often devastating. Know that this is less than your value. Know that you deserve more. You deserve the love you give to come back to you, tenfold.

You are about to go out into the world right now. The current temperature is 18 degrees on my side of the mountain. I will be on a bus in a short while and heading to the city to make my living. You will do your thing and I will do mine.

Today is a new day. Yesterday is gone and neither you nor I live there anymore.
We live here, right now, and it’s game time.
It’s time to take the field. So take a breath and get ready

I know I believe in you

Do you?

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