To Be a Child

I see little children and I smile. I see them and think about all of their abilities and their possibilities.
I smile because I see them as a symbol of hope. They are hope for a life that has yet to come. 
When I see them, I wish children could stay as they are, young and hopeful, perfect, and eager to touch, taste, and smell everything our world has to offer. This is them at their best, untouched self.

I think about the dreams we had when we were young and the ideas we came up with. Then I think about the answers we had when people asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up.”
Maybe the answer was a fireman. Maybe the answer was to be President of the United States. Maybe the answer was an astronaut or a nurse or doctor. Or maybe some kids wanted to join the circus, or be like me, out somewhere at sea, fishing in the deepest parts of the ocean.

Everything was so big back then. The world was literally an empty canvas. We had dreams and energy. We were unafraid to smile or laugh or try new things. Then again, everything is new when you’re a child.
I think of being a little kid again and playing in the playground. This is what we called meaningful, remember?
There is a moment in life when everything is pure. We are born this way. This is when we were nothing more than our true selves and unblemished by the world.
This is before life happened and before social settings and our surroundings began to disappoint us. This is when life was uninfluenced by others and only influenced by us. Either way, in the beginning we were all pure. 
There was a time when belief was never questioned.
Dreams were free and fun to think or talk about. 
This is before we came across the social plans. This is before we were taught about the different divisions of popularity and status.
This is before the lessons of mass-thinking and mass-appeal.
Before this, we were us. We were free to think, act, or like what we like without wondering if this was “Cool” or “Acceptable.”
We were happy to believe in ourselves. This is when we never worried if we looked right or if we were tall enough, strong enough, pretty, or desirable enough. This is when we believed in ourselves most. Yet, somehow, age comes in to pull a switch and somehow, we lose sight of our truest self.

Somehow, lessons come along and taught us something different about our natural state. Suddenly, the ideas of being an astronaut or president became silly. The understanding of our own beauty and perfection were brought into question.
The ideas of running around the world or swinging on the swing-sets to see if we can kick the sky were only things that little kids think.
More importantly, the idea that we were brilliant and equipped with everything we needed  disappeared into a sense of programming that led us to believe otherwise.

I see children as a sign of hope. I see them and I hope for them with all my heart. I hope that they do not give in or give away their internal freedoms like I did and so many others have done in their life.
If I can do anything in my life, I would want to get back to that untapped resource of energy.
If I can be anything in my life, I would be as hopeful as them and as unafraid to dream or dare.
If I could be anything, I would be like this because this is the bravest and toughest thing to be, which is pure, and untouched by unnecessary lies that taught us to be something else.
Beauty is not photo-shopped or changed. Beauty is not coerced by makeup or dressed in a suit and tie or a couture dress.
Beauty is far more than a house with the white-picket fence and the two car garage with the 2.5 kids.

If I can be anything, I would want to be that way again, which is childlike and pure. I would rather be this. I would rather be unafraid to be as I am and unafraid to sing or dance or be myself and dream. 

There are people that swear they live their lives as themselves, and yet, the truth is they live their lives in total secrecy.
However, the truth is secrets do not keep one safe. Instead, they only create a need for more walls to protect them.
There are people that fluff their chest or act “As if,” just to fit a role or be someone and find a sense of protection.
The kind of man I want to be is the kind that is unafraid and doesn’t need an image to hide behind. That’s bravery to me. That’s perfection.
The kind of man I want to be is the way I was when I came into this world; to feel free to be, free to think, free to build, and unafraid to try.

If I can be anything in my life, I would want to be this.
Anything else would only be secondary.

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