For Punky


You used to be the size of my forearm 
You fit between my wrist and the inside of my elbow.
I know this because I used to hold you in one arm
I would look down at you . . .
and you would look up at me.

You once weighed less than the bag I carry on my shoulder
when I go to work each morning.
It’s true . . .

You fell asleep on my chest once.
I remember that.
I watched you breathe while you slept
I watched your body rise as you inhaled
and fall as you exhaled.

. . . It was amazing

I watched you move and I watched you grow.
I watched you crawl and I watched you learn to walk

I’m not sure if you know this . . .
but I was the second person in the world to ever hold you

You have grown so much since then.


One day,
you will be old enough to understand the answers to your questions
One day, I will be better with my explanations
And one day,
you will be able to see that though I left the home,
my love has never left your side . . .

not even for a minute




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