Just for fun: Something For Hump Day

The light fell to the delicate flicker of two candles which stood in the corner of the bedroom. She moved from the bed and then over towards the closet door.
“Where are you going,” he asked.
“Nowhere,” she replied with a teasing smile.
“I just want to get something.”

Tucking herself behind the door of his walk-in closet, she undressed and slipped from her clothes. She reached down to retrieve the blue, buttoned down dress shirt he had been wearing that day.
She quickly slid her arms through the sleeves, and fluffed her long blonde hair over the collar.
She left the shirt unbuttoned to allow him a view of her cleavage, which pushed the shirt opened and teased him with an inside look of her well-shaped breasts.

Inhaling the scent of his cologne, she took an aroused, but deep breathe, and then she stepped out from his closet.
“What are you doing,” he asked.
“What does it look like I’m doing,” she answered.

On her approach, she watched him smile as he lay back in his bed with the covers rising up to his waste. She could see the reflection from the candles flickering in his eyes as she moved in. And when she moved in; she moved in slowly, as if to tease him.

He watched her with wide-opened eyes as she opened the shirt to reveal herself to him. He watched as she crept in from the foot of the bed and slithered upon his body. He noticed every detail and every perfect curve
As she landed beside his body, her lips found his chest and then his neck. She kissed the sides of his face, and as his eyes closed with pleasure, she opened her mouth and softly pushed her tongue into his.

“Do you want me,” she asked.
But his response was better stated as an action.

Bringing his right hand around, he gripped her hair. Then he turned so that his body was above hers. Her accepting legs wrapped around his lower back. Her arms went around his neck and her eyes gazed into his.

“Are you ready,” he asked.
She said nothing in response, but as he spoke, he aligned himself at her entry and then he passed through the curtains between her legs.

“Is this what you wanted,” he asked.
Her arms went around him, and as she felt the spread of his back; she realized she had never felt anyone as strong as him.

As their bodies entwined, she felt every inch of his excitement. She felt the movement of his thickness as well as the weight of his body as it covered her own. She felt his hips pushing in and out against hers and she felt herself about give way.
Seconds before she called out his name, he leaned down and bit into the side of her neck. His speed began to build and so did his strength.

“I want you,” she said.
“I want to feel you spill yourself inside of me.”

Her opening became a wet example of her love for him. And for him—the sound of his hard and fast thrusts against her body was the representation of his absolute desire.
“Are you ready for me,” he asked.
“Give it to me,” she pleaded.

Their two bodies combined and erupted at the same time. In an instant, everything that was hard and pressurized had released and eased into her body.

I love that moment . . . you know?

I love that moment immediately after sex.
That’s when you fall into each other.
Your body feels weightless and all the tension is gone . . .


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