A letter

Dear Mr. Moonlight,

I know you don’t know me very well, but I needed to at least try and get this message to you.
Somewhere, way up beyond your stars and past all the planets and all the galaxies is a place where I think about.
I dream of this place. It is someplace where all my lost toys are found. This is where my first dog lives.
Her name was Tammy. She died when I was only 7. Somewhere up there is a farm where my dog Sheba runs around. She was a big black lab. She plays in the field because she has so much room to run around and be free. I know this because when I was a little boy, Mom told me this is where Sheba went after she couldn’t live with us anymore.

Somewhere, way up there beyond your stars is a place where my Father goes to sit and play cards with his Father. I am told I was named after his father. He was my Grandfather but we never met. But I have his name. I know that much.

Somewhere up there, Robbie is playing the drums. Uncle Alan is with him, playing the saxophone. Aunt Peggy is playing the piano and singing along. The three of them are together, playing music, and making people happy. This is what they always did.

Mom is there too. I suppose she is sitting near a small pond with a willow tree nearby. She always envisioned herself at a place like this. I suppose Mom’s version of this place is similar to a place she once saw out in the country.
Aunt Sondra is there. And she is happy. She is healthy too. She laughs a lot and smiles. My guess is she is playing scrabble with someone, probably Harry, and the two of them have Scrabble marathons at least once or twice a week.

Mr. Moonlight,
I see you as a way station. I see your body as a porthole of communication and somewhere, way beyond you, up beyond all the stars and all the mysteries of space; somewhere way beyond all of the infinite and unfathomable distance is a place where all is well and no one is forgotten.

I have tried to send messages to this place but there is no way to reach them. I have spoken out loud with hopes that you would intercept my messages and deliver them yourself.
Sometimes I sit in the dark and watch your light move through the window. I look up at the way you glow and watch the way your beams touch the ground.
I have seen you touch the face of people I love, and at night, I like to sit and watch you through the window.
I do this with hopes that maybe there is someone looking at you at the same time as me, hoping and wondering if maybe, just maybe I am looking at you at the same time as them.

I believe that somewhere, way beyond all the things we comprehend is a place we call the afterlife. This is where our loved ones go.
Some friends of mine are up there. I hope to see them again someday. And I imagine them there, waiting and happy.
There is no suffering in this place. There is struggle. No one is angry. No one fights and everyone is always home in time for supper.

Mr. Moonlight,
I know that you are far away from me. I know that you might not receive this message. But still, I had to try.

See, today is Christmas and we down here on Project Earth are wondering and thinking and missing our loved ones that lived up beyond your stars. Today is Christmas Day and there are empty spaces at the table.
There are kids that no longer sit at the kid’s table. There are moms gone and dads gone, aunts and uncles, grandmas and grandpas. There are friends that are gone and husbands and wives.

So, Mr. Moonlight, if it’s not too much trouble, I was wondering if you could deliver a message from me to my folks, family, and friends up there. Please tell them we miss them. Please tell them the room just isn’t them same without them in it.

Let Pop know that whenever I come home late from work and sit at the table, I probably sit the way he sat and ate the way he ate. I probably make the same facial expressions he used to make too.
Tell him I have questions for him. None of them are too big. Some of them are mechanical questions about things he tried to teach me when I was a kid.
Some of them are questions about what he sees in me now. And some of my questions aren’t really questions at all; they’re just about things we hold onto while we’re here on Project Earth.

Let Mom know I understand that I have to tie up a few loose ends. But I just can’t bring myself to go to the cemetery. I just can’t do it is all I can say. It hurts too much.

Let my friends know that I miss them. And I know it’s not like we were close at the end. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t love them. I just had to love them from a distance.

Mr. Moonlight, it’s been so long since I’ve seen my Grandmother. As a matter of fact, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen either of them. And I’ve always wondered what happened when Mom passed. Was her father there to see her? Was her mom? Were they happy to see each other?

Somewhere, there is a place like this. I know there is because on the day Robbie passed, he told me about a dream he had. He told me my Father was driving a bus. He told me there were others with my Father. Grandma was there and my grandfather was on the bus too.

Robbie told me that my Father explained there was nothing to be afraid of. Robbie said The Old Man told him, “We’ll be back to come pick you up when you’re ready.”

When I went to visit Robbie in the hospital, Robbie told me about the dream. He told me how good my father looked. He told me that everyone looked so happy and healthy.
Later on, I overheard Robbie tell Uncle Alan that maybe it was time for him to get on the bus. “But don’t worry, Pop. I’ll be okay,” Robbie said.
“Uncle Ronny told me so. He said he was going to come get me when I was ready.”

Robbie passed away later that afternoon. I suppose it was just like he said. The Old Man came on the bus and got him.

I know a time will come when that bus will come for other people in my life. Eventually, that bus will come for me. I know a time will come when we are all together again.
But Mr. Moonlight, for now, I just miss them. So please, if you could deliver this message for me it would mean a lot.

Tell them all I love them. Tell them all I miss them. Tell them the world just ain’t the same without them.

Thanks Mr. Moonlight

I really appreciate it

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