The Powder Keg Called “Now”

Ever fall in slow motion?
What I mean is you’re in the middle of falling down, and yet, meanwhile, you know you’re falling but the fall is almost in slow-motion — and there you are, falling down and there is absolutely nothing you can do except brace yourself when the voice in your head says, “Oh man, this is really gonna hurt!”
Ever have this?

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From the Heart

This is life. Right here, right now.
There is so much going on and so much I wish I could help you with, which is not to say that you need my help at all, but more to the point, this means I wish I could be helpful to you.
There are tricks I’d love to teach you and stories I’d love to tell.
Even if you heard them before, I’d still love to tell you again.

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Time To Go!

There is an alarm going off right now. This means it’s time to “Wake up!” This means it’s time to open our eyes because life has a way of teaching us things.
However, for some reason, people have a hard time learning. Either way, whether we learn or not, life is always trying to teach us something.
There will always be signs and red flags. There will always be hints and  suggestions and there will always be reasons and excuses why we looked away in the first place.

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An Honest Truth

Young man disappeared into the machine last morning
His breath shook when powder dissolved into bloodstream
Waves pulse through the body
Minds give way to rituals that divide life from lifelessness

All else fades as the pulse slips away

Come here, said the fly to the spider
I’ve been looking all over for you . . . 

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I Took A Walk

There was a quiet little stream that ran down through the rocks on the side of a mountain. I remember that everything was so crisp and green. The leaves on the trees and the earth was deep and rich with color.
I had never walked in the mountains before. I never went on a hike or went anywhere other than my normal running grounds, which were less than beautiful and far from this colorful.
It was the end of summer, 1989. I was still feeling achy but the aches were improving. I was only in a few days, and by this point, I was unsure when I would ever be back home again.

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Live Life Now

There is a fantasy that everything in life has to be a certain way. Men are men, and women are women. There is a black and white design, almost like a cookie-cutter recipe, in which, whenever we veer away from the normal or stray from the common path, somehow, there is an idea that life is not supposed to be like this.
For some reason, there are people that associate difference with right or wrong. But why?

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Beware of Complacency

There was an idea that I wrote a long time ago which needs to be repeated. There are times when life is tough. This happens to everyone.
Everyone hits a rough patch. Everyone has “One of those days,” or weeks, or even months. Or, look at us now.
It is official that 2020 has not been the kindest year.
With all the concerns and quarantines and the recent tensions of riots and protests, safe to say that 2020 is a good year to learn from our mistakes. 

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From The Boys: On The Farm

I was deep into my time at the farm. I had nearly forgotten what it was like to wake up in my own room or sleep late. I was living a dorm life in a farmhouse. The rules and regulations were never my favorite. Neither was the showering times or the bathrooms.
I have to admit it, like it or not, the replacement of time was me, away from my regular home in a quasi-institution.

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The Best Investment

The question is what’s in a word?
What is in a word that we invest so much in or allow them to either build or destroy us?
Why do we give in so often or allow what someone says to define or decide how we live, think, act or feel?

What is it about a simple word or what people say that can either build us up or rip us apart in the blink of an eye? 
A word can change the face of the day. A word can change perspective. A word can bring a smile or cause a tear.

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